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. PSOE( 4 miembros ) . El no ser insultado o calumniado es un derecho fundamental, cualquier acusacion debe ser probada. Hacer propaganda politica es un dercho fundamental. Las ideas politicas no pueden ser limitadas ni prohibidas salvo aquellas ideas politicas racistas, xenofobas, genocidas.

With Winfrey, he lost his icy stare and buried his cutting words. Looking nervous and swallowing hard several times, he admitted to using through most his cycling career a cocktail of drugs, including testosterone, cortisone, human growth hormone and the blood booster EPO.Yet, like always, Armstrong could not help fighting.He called his doping regimen simple and conservative, rejecting volumes of evidence by the United States Anti Doping Agency that the drug program on his Tour de France winning teams was “the most sophisticated, organized and professionalized” doping scheme in the history of cycling.He said that he was not the kingpin of the doping program on his teams, as the antidoping agency claimed, and that he was just doping the way the rest of his teammates were at the time.At times during the interview, which will resume Friday night, Armstrong seemed genuinely humble, admitting that he was “a flawed character” and that he would spend the rest of his life trying to apologize to people and regain their trust.”There will be people who hear this and never forgive me,” he said. “I understand that.”But when asked about the people he had tried to crush while he tried to keep his doping secret people like the former masseuse Emma O’Reilly or his former teammate Frankie Andreu and Andreu’s wife, Betsy he showed little contrition.

El rastro en Hong KongDónde está el dinero malversado que la investigación le atribuye a Chanín sigue siendo un misterio, un enigma. EL MUNDO publicó que personas de su confianza viajaron a China a finales de mayo de 2012 para ingresar 400.000 dólares en efectivo en el The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), con cargo a tres sociedades distintas vinculadas a él. Según la documentación a la que tuvo acceso este periódico, que fue entregada al juzgado para su investigación, se trata de Ishoppstore LTD, Avatar Globe LTD y Burgalés MA..

His 295 carries are the most in the SEC and second most in college football. The Crimson Tide will hand him the ball, and the offensive line will grind down its opponent. Florida’s defense is ranked second in the conference to Alabama’s, but the Gators (10 2) struggled to score 2 points last week in a loss to Florida State.

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